UPRS Units – Sales

This instrumentation package is designed to enhance the integrity of sub-sea MPI by enabling measurement of magnetic field strength, ambient visible light, and ultra-violet irradiance with a single sub-sea module. It has been proven over several years of service worldwide.

In practice, it allows the user to replicate previous work-face MPI conditions on subsequent inspections, thus reducing the probability or spurious or missed indications. Initial inspections benefit from using a known and measured set-up.

An improvement on earlier versions, the HCL unit has a single flying lead to a combined probe head – this contains the UV and visible sensors, together with the magnetometer probe. This reduces the number of both penetrators and trailing cables.

Power is from internal Nickel Cadmium cells, which will give in excess of 20 hours continuous use, recharging taking about 12 hours from ‘Battery Low’ indication. The charging circuitry has been enhanced to give effectively penetrator less charging, the stainless steel switch knob being used as one contact and the grab-ring the other. Internal electronics double-isolate these contacts to ensure that no current can flow OUT of them, thus preventing both external discharging via the contacts and damage from charger misconnection. Additionally, a fuse has been incorporated within the battery pack that provides protection against both short circuits and excessive charging currents.


  • Ranges
    • Photometer: 0 – 199.9 Lux or 0 – 1999 Lux (opt.)
    • Radiometer: 0 – 19.99 mW/sq cm
    • Magnetometer: 0 – 19.99T
  • Calibration Sources
    • Visible Spectrum: Tungsten
    • UV wavelength: 366nm
  • Magnetometer: BS4360-50D Steel
  • Accuracy
    • Visible Light: 15%
    • UV Light: 10%
    • Magnetometer: 15%
  • Calibration Span: 1 Year General (Aerospace applications 6mths)
  • Battery Life: 20 hours continuous use (With new, fully charged battery pack)
  • Charging Time: 12 hours from ‘Low Battery’
  • Charger Type: 140mA constant current
  • Display Type: 12.5mm Back-lit LCD
  • Sub-sea Module Approx. Weights:
    • In Air: 2.5 kg
    • In Water: 1.0 kg
  • Overall Worst Case Dimensions: 200 mm dia, 120 mm high.
  • System Components:
    • Pressure Hull & Electronics, complete sensor/probe assembly.
    • 120/240V AC input, 140mA Constant Current output Battery Charger c/w charging lead.
    • Calibration certificates.
    • Transit Case.